Naigai Nitto Singapore Pte Ltd

High-End 3PL Solutions‚Äč

NAIGAI NITTO SINGAPORE PTE LTD offers a full range of third party logistics (3PL) solutions, including warehousing and distribution operations, contract warehousing, fulfillments, and extensive value added services.

Unlimited Visibility

We can offer technology to clients who want real-time information through a secure browser application. Clients can access information anywhere:-

  • At their workplaces or offices
  • Via their smart phones or PDA devices
  • End-customer offices during a sales meeting
  • 24/7 online wherever internet is available

On client authorisation, essential information can be made readily available and accessed by end customers and suppliers for broader supply chain collaboration.

1D, 2D and RF Operations

We can offer fool-proof operation methods with minimum human interface, so as to ensure accuracy across end-to-end supply chain by means of various barcode labels, using industry proven label printers and fixed and mobile scanners, deploying latest barcode scanning methods and technology, and IT servers that can update and distribute data information instantaneously for real-time inventory management and activities.

Seamless Integration

Using middleware or customizing data exchange interface, we can integrate clients’ existing IT systems such ERP or SAP seamlessly with our warehouse management system (WMS) and transport management system (TMS), which can provide real-time visibility and accuracy. Our objective concept is to work hand-in-hand closely with our clients’ systems and users.

KPI and Track & Trace

KPI-Clients need instantaneous management statistics on fast, medium and slow moving cargo, as well as full detailed analysis of their inventories. Our WMS is able to generate daily and monthly reports based on key KPI.

Track and Trace-Clients need to know the status and movement of their cargo. Clients can input an unique shipping tracking number in our WMS which will report the current status of an order or a transaction.

Across International Boundaries Integration

Our presence is global. Clients have little control over external dimensions like government regulations, environmental requirements and international-related issues. With our worldwide network of offices and distribution centres, we can factor these external issues into our operational planning.

Macroeconomic factors such as spikes in fuel prices, worker strikes, and delays due to customs compliance or weather related events could take out the wind from the most efficient supply chains. We are here for you to cradle your goods through across territorial boundaries, taking the external pressures on your behalf, so that your goods can reach your destination at the time you want, when, where and to whom you want with a peace of mind.